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pronunciation: 'hɛvənli

What does Heavenly really mean?

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Heavenly is a word that we often use to describe something or someone that is perfect, beautiful, or incredibly wonderful. When we say something is heavenly, it means it is like a little taste of paradise, like a slice of the most delicious cake you've ever tried, or like feeling as light as a feather floating in the air. It's like experiencing pure joy and happiness in its most pure and extraordinary form.

Imagine the most breathtaking sunset you've ever seen, with vibrant colors painting the sky and the clouds looking like fluffy cotton candy. That's heavenly! Or think about lying on a soft, fluffy cloud, feeling all your worries and concerns melt away, and being surrounded by warmth and love. That's also heavenly! We use this word to describe things that are so incredibly good or beautiful that they make us feel like we've entered a special place, a place of pure bliss and happiness.

Now, there is another meaning of the word "heavenly" that we often use when talking about religious or spiritual things. In many religions, heaven is believed to be a place where good and righteous people go to after they pass away. It is considered a perfect and peaceful place, where there is no pain, sadness, or any kind of suffering. It's like the ultimate paradise, where people are said to live forever in happiness and harmony.

So, when we say something is heavenly in a religious or spiritual sense, we mean that it is related to heaven, to that perfect and peaceful place. For example, we might describe a hymn or a prayer as heavenly because it evokes a sense of divine beauty and serenity.

In summary, the word "heavenly" means something that is incredibly good, beautiful, or perfect. It can describe a feeling of pure bliss and happiness, like experiencing something so amazing that it feels like paradise. It can also refer to things that are related to heaven, the perfect and peaceful place that many religions believe in. So, if you ever come across the word "heavenly," think of it as something truly wonderful, something that brings you joy and makes you feel like you're floating on cloud nine.

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Heavenly In a sentece

Learn how to use Heavenly inside a sentece

  • The sunset painted a heavenly picture in the sky with its vibrant colors.
  • The little girl was awestruck by the heavenly aroma of freshly baked cookies.
  • The singer's voice was so angelic that it filled the room with a heavenly melody.
  • The couple enjoyed a heavenly vacation on a tropical island, relaxing on the pristine beaches.
  • After a long and tiring day, the warm bath felt heavenly, easing all the fatigue.

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