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pronunciation: kən'saɪn

What does Consign really mean?

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What does "Consign" mean? Well, my dear student, let's embark on a journey together as we explore this word and unravel its meaning. Imagine for a moment that you have a treasured possession, like your favorite toy or a special necklace. Now, let me ask you this - what if you decided to give that toy or necklace to someone else for safekeeping or to sell it? When you do that, you are consigning that item. In simpler terms, the word "consign" means to entrust something to someone else, either for safekeeping or for selling it on your behalf.

But wait, my curious student, there's more! Just like a word can have multiple meanings, "consign" also has another definition. Imagine that you are a store owner, and you receive a shipment of new merchandise, like clothes or toys. Now, instead of storing all those items in your back room, you decide to display them for sale in your store. What you are doing is consigning those items to your store - you are giving them a designated space and making them available to be sold.

So, to summarize our exploration of the word "consign," imagine it as the act of entrusting something to someone else for safekeeping or selling on your behalf. It can mean giving away your treasured possession or displaying and selling items in a store. It's like handing over your favorite toy to a friend for a little while or putting something up for sale in a shop. Whether it's about trusting someone with your belongings or making goods available for purchase, "consign" is all about that act of entrusting and making things happen. And now, my dear student, you have unlocked the meaning of "consign"!

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Consign In a sentece

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  • When you want to give your old toys to someone else, you can consign them to a thrift store for someone else to buy and enjoy.
  • If you have clothes that no longer fit you, you can consign them at a second-hand shop where they will sell them on your behalf.
  • When you entrust your bike to a bicycle shop for repairs, you consign it to them so they can fix it for you.
  • If you have too many books and need to make space, you can consign them at a bookstore and let other people buy and read them.
  • When you decide to sell your old furniture, you can consign it at a furniture store, and they will try to find a buyer for you.

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