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pronunciation: 'jæmər

What does Yammer really mean?

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Hey there! Let's dive into the word "yammer" and understand it together, step by step.

So, have you ever noticed how sometimes people just can't stop talking about something? They keep going on and on, sometimes even without taking a pause to listen or think about what they're saying. Well, "yammer" is a word that describes exactly that kind of talk.

Imagine this - You're sitting in a classroom, and there's a student who won't stop talking about their favorite video game. They keep going on and on, barely giving anyone else a chance to speak. That's what we call "yammering."

Now, "yammer" can also refer to the sound that certain animals make. You know how birds chirp or dogs bark? Well, sometimes certain animals make a noisy, repetitive sound, almost like they're talking or complaining in a high-pitched way. When they do that, we say they're "yammering."

For example, have you ever been outside and heard a group of birds chirping non-stop, filling the air with their constant noisy chatter? That's what we call "yammering" because it's like they can't stop talking to each other.

So, to sum it up, "yammer" means to talk continuously and often without much thought, or it can refer to the repetitive, high-pitched sound that certain animals make. It's a word we use to describe excessive chatter or noise that might not always be very productive or focused.

Now, how's that for an explanation? Did it clear things up for you? Feel free to ask me anything else!

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Yammer In a sentece

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  • During recess, the kids like to yammer about their favorite video games.
  • The birds in the trees yammer loudly at each other in the morning.
  • At family gatherings, the relatives often yammer about their latest vacations.
  • When the teacher is talking, it's important not to yammer and disturb others.
  • During lunchtime, the students tend to yammer excitedly about the weekend plans.

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