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pronunciation: ,piə'nɪsɪ,moʊ

What does Pianissimo really mean?

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Pianissimo is a word that we often use in music, especially when playing a musical instrument, like the piano. Let's imagine you are playing the piano, and you want to play a part of the song very softly and gently. You can use pianissimo to describe that specific part or section of the music. It means playing with a really soft and delicate touch, almost like a whisper or a gentle breeze.

Now, let's break down the word to make it easier to understand. "Piano" means soft in Italian, and when we add "-issimo" to it, it makes it even softer. It's like when you have something that is already soft and you make it even softer, almost super soft! So, pianissimo is like the "super soft" way of playing a musical instrument, particularly the piano.

In music, we often use different Italian words to describe how we should play a certain part. It's like a secret musical language that musicians use to communicate with each other. We use words like pianissimo, which means very soft, piano which means soft, forte which means loud, and fortissimo which means very loud. These words help us to express the mood and feeling of the music.

Just like when you want to talk to someone softly so that only they can hear you, playing pianissimo in music creates a special atmosphere. It can make the listeners feel calm and relaxed, like they are being wrapped in a cozy blanket of sound. It's like when you whisper a secret to a friend, the sound is so gentle that it captures their full attention. Playing pianissimo is like whispering a musical secret to your audience.

So, to sum it up, pianissimo means playing very softly and delicately, like a whisper or a gentle breeze. It's one of those special musical words we use to describe the volume or intensity of a musical performance. Next time you play an instrument or listen to music, see if you can spot a pianissimo part and feel the magical softness it brings to the music.

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Pianissimo In a sentece

Learn how to use Pianissimo inside a sentece

  • When playing the piano very softly, you are using pianissimo.
  • During a delicate sad scene in a movie, the background music might be pianissimo to create a gentle and quiet atmosphere.
  • In a calm lullaby, the singer may perform with a pianissimo voice to soothe the baby gently.
  • If you ever listen to a whisper, it is so faint that it can be described as a sound played pianissimo.
  • When a group of musicians plays a soft and tranquil melody together, it is called playing in pianissimo.

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