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What does Messiness really mean?

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Alright, so "messiness" is when things are all over the place, disorganized, and chaotic. Imagine your room when you haven't tidied it up for a while - clothes on the floor, toys scattered around, and books piled up everywhere. That's messiness! It's when things aren't in their proper place and everything looks jumbled up.

But "messiness" can also mean more than just a physical mess. It can also mean confusion or disorder in a situation or even in someone's thoughts. When things are messy, it can be hard to make sense of what's going on, like trying to find your favorite toy in the big jumble of things in your room.

So, "messiness" is basically all about things being untidy, disorganized, and in a state of confusion. It's like trying to solve a puzzle with all the pieces mixed up and scattered everywhere. It's important to try to keep things tidy and organized to avoid messiness and make things easier to manage!

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Messiness In a sentece

Learn how to use Messiness inside a sentece

  • After a big art project, there was lots of messiness with paint and glue all over the tables and floor.
  • The kitchen was full of messiness after the big family dinner with dirty dishes and food crumbs everywhere.
  • The little kids' room was a messiness with toys scattered all over the floor.
  • The garden was in a state of messiness with leaves and branches covering the ground after the big storm.
  • The science lab was full of messiness after the students did their experiments, with spilled chemicals and scattered materials.

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