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pronunciation: 'bɔld,peɪt

What does Baldpate really mean?

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Alright, so "Baldpate" is a word that means someone who's completely bald, like they have no hair on their head at all. It's kind of like when you see a clean, shiny egg with no feathers on top, that's a baldpate! It can also be used to describe certain birds that have no feathers on their heads, like certain kinds of ducks. So, when you hear the word "baldpate," just think of someone or something that's completely bald on top, like they've got a shiny, smooth head. It's a pretty fun word to say, right? Baldpate! Try saying it a few times, it's a little silly but it might help you remember it for the future. And if you ever see a bald person or a bald bird, you can use the word "baldpate" to describe them! So, now that you know what it means, can you think of a sentence where you could use the word "baldpate" to describe something or someone?

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Baldpate In a sentece

Learn how to use Baldpate inside a sentece

  • Grandpa's baldpate shines in the sun.
  • The baldpate of the bald eagle is a distinct feature.
  • I got sunburned on my baldpate because I forgot my hat.
  • The baldpate of the monk is a symbol of their dedication.
  • The baldpate of the newborn baby was soft and smooth.

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